Day 38: Pine Swamp Branch Shelter

I feel like I’m being haunted by weather forecasts. I wish I could tell everyone I meet not to mention whatever they’ve heard, good or bad, about potential weather changes. I like setting out and not thinking about some stupid meteorologist man’s inaccurate predictions of Nature’s behaviors.

All this is being said because my journey is being affected by the ever changing weather divination (if it were actually psychically divined, I’d be more inclined to believe it!) we hear about from fellow hikers.  It has been raining like crazy. Almost every day and/or night we get rain. And wild wind.  And the trail is covered with fallen trees, mostly dead. There is a risk (duh) and it can be scary as hell sleeping in a tent with howling wind threatening to topple all those huge trees.  I don’t want to die (duh again) and I don’t want to hike in thunderstorms, but I also DON’T WANT TO WORRY ABOUT IT!

Part of being out here, a BIG part, is/was the choice to disconnect. Yes I send a text here and there from town, but in the woods, on the trail, I want completely unplugged living. I like getting caught in the unexpected and figuring my way through it.  I also really like feeling tough!


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