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BLACKROCK HUT, Shenandoah National Park, Appalachian Trail

It has been one year since I set out on my grand Appalachian Adventure.  It’s hardly believable that so much time has passed, and also how (in what ways) the time has passed. Continue reading Anniversary

My Lover the Tulip Poplar – Rock Creek Park, DC

The Tulip Poplar’s trunk holds me from behind, like a strong man with his arms around me, giving me a safe place to relax into my connection – right here, where the trunk meets the Earth, at that place where it goes deeper; where foundation transitions to roots. I can lean all the way into him, and the embrace is so perfect that I can freely use my arms and hands to write;  I could rest my head against the bark and fall asleep; I could eat, or pray, or swat mosquitoes.  This man has no reason to restrict my movement, to make me stay or force me to leave…my body sits on the Earth and rests on her masculine, upward manifestation, this here Tulip Poplar. Continue reading My Lover the Tulip Poplar – Rock Creek Park, DC

Anxious in Oakland…Jack London Square

Oakland, California, March 12 2015

Music – Ganesha Mantra (He’s the Hindu god who removes obstacles – much needed now)

Ever since I landed in California a week ago, I have constantly had to be on the rebound from one giant obstacle or another. I kinda feel like one of the Mario brothers in one of those castles – in a full sprint and feeling awesome about tackling whatever is coming and then SLAM! A giant wall of stone falls from out of nowhere and blocks my passage with the full intent to smash me to bits. Luckily I haven’t been smushed, and the stone slabs are more like hard rubber. Hard enough leave me jarringly disoriented but rubbery enough to bounce me back and force me to keep going (when in reality I sometimes I just want to be ‘Game Over’). Continue reading Anxious in Oakland…Jack London Square

Day 47 (I think): Chilled to the Bone with Four Days to Go

Feeling refreshed after several very difficult days.  The weather has shifted from crisp fall to blustering cold, gray, windy, dark, rain.  Hiking 16-18+ miles a day aint so bad, til it gets dark and starts pouring.  The Appalachian Trail becomes barely discernible from the deer trails and so on.  Luckily I haven’t had to pitch a tent in pouring rain.  But I have been so bone chilled that the thought of continuing on would bring me to a stopping sobbing point of despair, at the bottom of an intense climb with no reward in sight.  Honestly, especially yesterday, I had to “Let go and let God” as they say.  My blood was so thick it barely moved through my veins, my spirit felt truly crushed and my heart broken by the struggle of hiking. Until I halted and said aloud, “God! Get me through this!” Continue reading Day 47 (I think): Chilled to the Bone with Four Days to Go

Day 39: Holy Family Hostel

Gorgeous Holy Family Hostel.

Today I had a beautiful day (17ish miles) hiking along ridges, creeks, old rock slides, and even some time to sunbathe. Today we were warned, was supposed to be terrible and dangerous. Thunderstomrs, beginning yesterday afternoon and carrying over for quite some time. Well it did storm in hte middle of the night and I was grateful to be in a shelter rather than the tent, but today…TODAY I could not have asked for a more splendid day to hike 17 miles. It was close to perfect AND! As soon as we came to a resting place with a meadow I practiced Supported Headstand pose, getting one beautifully executed! Continue reading Day 39: Holy Family Hostel

Day 36: Sarver Hollow Shelter

Raindrops on the Rainfly

Ahhh…Today is so cold and rainy. We’ve decided to have our last zero day cacooning in our sleeping bags, reading about American Ginseng, mayoral politics in small towns, and book reviews in The Atlantic.  Other hikers are showing up at the shelter as the day goes on, and Lone Stride (stayed last night) also hasn’t left.  We’re all trying to avoid the misery of packing wet gear, along with the all too common hiker issue of hypothermia.  We shared coffee with Puddin’ a SOBO thru hiker who made it in this morning.  I can’t believe she hiked the scary rim rock we scaled yesterday, but she did it in the rain!
Continue reading Day 36: Sarver Hollow Shelter

Day 3?: Hiker Party @ Four Pines Hostel

I don’t know what day it is.  We’ve made our way to the Four Pines hostel in Catawba, and I have to say it’s pretty EPIC (not a word I use often…take it seriously!).  I think there are 12 of us here, all varieties of hikers – SOBOs, NOBOs, thru-hikers, and LASHers (I’m the latter, stands for Long Ass Section Hiker). We all crowded together in the Dragon Wagon, a van hikers are allowed to drive around town so long as the driver has a license, and went to a family style all-you-can-eat restaurant called the Homeplace.  If you’ve never seen long distance hikers eat, find one and take them to a buffet. It’s a site to behold!  Our table without shame or hesitation devoured several rounds of super delish southern country food, complete with coffee and cobbler for desert. So. Much. Yum! Continue reading Day 3?: Hiker Party @ Four Pines Hostel