Day 39: Holy Family Hostel

Gorgeous Holy Family Hostel.

Today I had a beautiful day (17ish miles) hiking along ridges, creeks, old rock slides, and even some time to sunbathe. Today we were warned, was supposed to be terrible and dangerous. Thunderstomrs, beginning yesterday afternoon and carrying over for quite some time. Well it did storm in hte middle of the night and I was grateful to be in a shelter rather than the tent, but today…TODAY I could not have asked for a more splendid day to hike 17 miles. It was close to perfect AND! As soon as we came to a resting place with a meadow I practiced Supported Headstand pose, getting one beautifully executed!

As my body is changing and getting stronger, it’s interesting to see what I can do beyond the expected hiking several miles without a break.  Yesterday: Pushups! I’ve never been able to do real ones, not til now! I feel so capable, and more importantly, aware and navigational.  I can maneuver changing landscapes without injury, I can ford streams without getting my feet wet.  I’ve learned to PAY ATTENTION.

At the end of our 17 miles we met a super nice forest service worker who drove us around town to see where things are, like the library and post office, and he was so nice that he took us to two different Mexican restaurants so we could decide which we liked better.  He dropped us at the Food Lion where 2 other hikers gave us their opinions, and then he gave them a ride back to the trail. Awesome guy, will get a postcard.

After the drop we proceeded to gorge on Mexican food and a pitcher of Dos Equis (+ a shot of tequila).  We set out to find the church hostel.  We got a ride from some Richmonders doing temp work at the Celanese* factory.  They took us tot he hospital and we found our way a short walk behind (thanks to Bobby at Food Lion!), and this place ROCKS! It’s an old barn with a library/fire stove, kitchen, shower, and an upstairs that’s all beds.  The best part is that no one else is here…the last few nights of campsites have had lots of people so it’s interesting to find solitude in a town.

As I write I’m sitting next to the stove and listening to rain falling on the tin roof.  Next I’ll take a shower, pop open a Coors, and then write about Celanese Corp.

Much Love, Orange

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