Welcome to my Amusement Park

I just threw the last wad of old journals and new business checks into our blazing apartment fire place.  I always expected to feel some sadness at such a purging, or a stronger sense of the symbolic act of burning all that has been holding me back.  But I don’t really feel much at all, except that sort of relief at completing one more necessary task before a big adventure! Continue reading Welcome to my Amusement Park

Gear-A Backpacker Indulgence

Sorting, buying, borrowing, bartering, packing, selling, discarding gear for 560ish miles/55 days in the Appalachian mountains. I set out in 1 month.

Gear list and pictures to come.


  • I’m cheap. Or frugal, however you like to put it.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Environmental & health consciousness.
  • Weight.

It might seem at first glance that these four qualifications in my selection of gear and supplies would counteract each other, but I am determined to hike my own hike and weigh out all the possibilities. For example, high quality lightweight sleeping bags tend to be expensive.  After some thorough investigation, I have found one with the temperature rating I need, at a much lower price point than I expected, with lots and lots of excellent reviews.  It’s also only 3.3lbs.

This is just a little teaser. When my actual gear list post is ready, I’ll dive deeper into each of my gear selection priorities for you and future hikers who are trying to do it: at the last minute, in a tight budget, on a weird diet, or with strict environmental/health values – but safely, with adequate supplies and nutrition, and comfort.