Gear Changes

I can’t quite remember what was left on my gear list after I sent the first bit of unnecessaries back, but a few more things have been dropped from my pack, and some added since then.

Sent Back

  • corduroy cap
  • cotton t-shirt
  • silk thermals (these just could not handle the hiker lifestyle)
  • clay mix for first aid
  • yarrow
  • chapstick
  • cotton sheet
  • teva water shoes
  • random food stuff i was not eating, like protein mix I can  no longer stomach
  • destroyed smart wool socks

New Essentials

  • fleece pants
  • fleece hat
  • gloves
  • insoles (SOLE brand – arches collapsed but now my feet are happy again)
  • Darn Tough wool socks – these are thinner and shorter than the ones I tossed, good for humid hiking
  • thin ankle socks – for laundry days

Wish I Had

  • hiking skirt minus attached shorts
  • tiny towel
  • tevas or chacos – flip flops aren’t my favorite camp shoes

I’ve hiked in the same pants, tshirt, bra, and long sleeve every single day since the second day. I now have 3 pairs of wool socks and two pairs of undies that are on a clean-dry-wear rotation.  Every night at camp I wear my REI coat with at least 2 layers underneath.  Now that I have fleece lined leggings (Athleta) I sleep in those with wool sucks, long sleeve thermal, and a fleece hat. I have been much more comfortable since the amazing Woodstock hooked me up with the fleece pants.

The Sea to Summit Dry bags have been good at staying dry however one of them got some small holes – from a mouse? I don’t know.

I’m really glad to have two bandannas. One, the orange one, I wear every day and use as a towel if I happen to get the chance to bathe. The yellow one I’ve had since highschool and it gets used for poultices or knee wraps. It’s falling apart and will be retired very soon.

Day 36-GearChanges-2

Day 36-GearChanges-1

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