Originally I created this site to document my hike through Virginia and West Virginia on the Appalachian Trail.  That was quite an adventure! You can read specifically about the trail by clicking on the category Appalachian Trail, or feel free to browse other tags/categories, or read it chronologically.

Now that I have completed one of the most profound grand adventures in my life, the purpose of the site has shifted to an ongoing documentary of whatever I’m enjoying doing. Hiking, finding adventures in the mundane world (essential for my happiness), taking a writer’s journey into creative writing, expanding my understanding and practice of herbal medicine (see the page Rebel Herbal for now), working for an awesome company, and developing other projects that fill my soul. While I’m living in one place for now, I am an eternal roamer and writer.  To be in touch, send me an email at rebelherbal@gmail.com.




Thank you for believing in me and in this.

My upcoming 560+ mile hike and all of the discoveries I make while out there, as well as the writing journey that happens on the trail, are dedicated to the people who are and will be driving, feeding, hiking with, hosting, supplying,  posting for, advising, and otherwise supporting me during my Appalachian adventure.  Even if I’m not taking every piece of advice, I am still deeply grateful for it.

I also want to acknowledge the importance of Camp Alkulana in my life. The physical space it occupies and the people who came into my life there manifest together a spirit of adventure, love of nature and humans, and divine acceptance, which I have carried with me every step of my life since being a camper and counselor there for 10 summers in a row.

With deep gratitude to my favorite person in this world, who pushes me to be me in every single way.

So everyone this is for you too!


One thought on “About”

  1. I finally found your blog today. I have been thinking of you often and praying for your well being. Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Stay well and stay safe.


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