Rebel Herbal

DSCF3005 is up and running!

Bringing Radical Healing to the East Coast and beyond. Herbal Medicine is The People’s Medicine, and I feel that teaching people how to utilize it is one of my primary purposes on this planet. Wellness does not need to be complicated or expensive. Through Rebel Herbal I begin to tear down barriers to understanding how EVERYONE can use plants to care for the self, family, and community.  From the destruction of those cultural and socioeconomic obstacles we can BUILD a new connection with each other and with the Earth that sustains us.

Hugging Keffer Oak, largest Oak Tree on the Appalachian Trail. Quercus alba, White Oak
Hugging Keffer Oak, largest Oak Tree on the Appalachian Trail. Quercus alba, White Oak

Candice Cook, Professional Rebel, Herbalist, Adventurer, and Writer

Currently Offering:

  • Private Donation Based Wellness Consultations in Richmond, Virginia
  • Outdoor Adventures in Plant Identification, Ethnobotany, and Application/Use
  • Customized tea blends for Spa, Eatery, Office, Retail Shop, Grocery, Medical/Clinical Practice, and Home

Check out and please be in touch!

Notable Experience

  • Assistant instructor at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Western Herbalism Program 2010-2013
  • Master Project Supervisor, Curriculum creation and review, student mentor 2011-2013
  • Herbalist, Educator at Desert Sage Herbs 2010-2013
  • Owner/Operator, Clinical Herbalist, Herbal Products Manufacturer, Guest lecturer/presenter –  The Growing Project 2008-2014
  • Founder of Rebel Herbal RVA, 2014-Present
  • Guest on Real Herbalism Radio Project
  • Featured Columnist on The Practical Herbalist
  • Interests: Research, writing, and instruction in bioregional medicine, ethnobotany, Appalachian folk medicine, eco-therapy, psycho-spiritual health and wellness

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