Golden Mushies

This little family of snowtopped mushrooms I found along a short trail in Powhatan State Park. I don’t know what they’re called or whether they’re edible, but they’re gorgeous! I’m gonna have to investigate the East Coast mycology scene!

Appalachian Trail Blaze Guide

Luckily for us hikers the AT is very well marked by white blazes along the entire path.  A blaze is a rectangle (quick brush stroke) painted on a tree trunk, which serves as a beacon of hope for the weary wanderer, confirming that you are indeed still on the right path.  I have found them the most helpful during night hiking, when the trail is less distinguishable from the deer trails, forest roads, and old trails. Continue reading Appalachian Trail Blaze Guide

Day 38: Pine Swamp Branch Shelter

I feel like I’m being haunted by weather forecasts. I wish I could tell everyone I meet not to mention whatever they’ve heard, good or bad, about potential weather changes. I like setting out and not thinking about some stupid meteorologist man’s inaccurate predictions of Nature’s behaviors. Continue reading Day 38: Pine Swamp Branch Shelter

Day 36: Sarver Hollow Shelter

Raindrops on the Rainfly

Ahhh…Today is so cold and rainy. We’ve decided to have our last zero day cacooning in our sleeping bags, reading about American Ginseng, mayoral politics in small towns, and book reviews in The Atlantic.  Other hikers are showing up at the shelter as the day goes on, and Lone Stride (stayed last night) also hasn’t left.  We’re all trying to avoid the misery of packing wet gear, along with the all too common hiker issue of hypothermia.  We shared coffee with Puddin’ a SOBO thru hiker who made it in this morning.  I can’t believe she hiked the scary rim rock we scaled yesterday, but she did it in the rain!
Continue reading Day 36: Sarver Hollow Shelter