Kate Spade and Pure Grit

When I opened the trunk today to organize the contents of my life in a Chevy Aveo, I saw a perfect vision of paradox. The items in my vehicle were selected carefully and with great consideration; having no known place to live when they were packed I chose the things I knew I’d use, the things that would make me feel the most comfortable anywhere I ended up, and the tools/gear I’d need to do what makes me me.

Looking in this mess of a trunk, I saw my favorite trail running shoes, caked with dried mud from my last sopping run and complete with smelly polka dotted socks spilling out. They were jumbled up in the spaghetti of clothes and hiking gear and the one Kate Spade purse I allowed myself. (I have a brand spankin new pair of Brooks Pure Grit in the box just dying to get dirtied in the Smokies!)

Creating some order in the chaos of my car made me feel really good about myself in a time when I am overcome with stress and doubt and knots in my shoulders that can’t be crushed with a granite mortar and pestle.

I looked in the trunk and saw the evidence of what I love about life. About MY Life. I saw proof that I’m doing something totally ridiculous and also that I know myself well enough to be prepared not only with all my backpacker gear but with nail polish, MAC makeup brushes, and a designer bag (Thanks Sugie!).

Even though I don’t know where I’m sleeping tonight, I know where I’m working tomorrow. I know I’m in a magickal place learning and growing and teaching. I know that this weekend I’m meeting my boyfriend half way between here and home and even if I don’t get to shower between now and then I’ll feel good about myself from daily exposure to mountain air. I clean up nice at least, and I’ll be super grateful for a B & B shower and a sundress!


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