Day 41: Still at Holy Family Hostel

Pearisburg Cemetary, where a revolutionary war hero, George Pearis is buried, and for whom the city is named. Our new friend Tressa found a perfect place to perch!

We took a zero day yesterday. Partly because Turtle sprained his ankle but mostly because this place has turned out to be an awesome little gem with cool proprietors and a beautiful country town to explore.  So cool in fact that we took a zero day again TODAY, after not much difficult persuasion by our new friends.

Holy Family Hostel, aka our barn abode, is behind a Roman Catholic Church and parish apartment. Father Breindel is the pastor and caretaker of the hostel.  We met him yesterday when he brought some clean towels over (oh my gosh towels?! not having to use an old bandanna after a hot shower is a gift from the gods) and he said his guest might drive us to the post office.  Turns out his guest is his daughter (yea that happens) and she is an acupuncturist! Needless to say we click pretty much right away. She’s a leo and I just can’t help but love those lions!  The priest fed us pie and ice cream and we met Gypsy, another hiker who upon arriving here just decided to stay – he’s moved into the parish apartments.  Anyway all of us but the holy father had a pretty chill day around town, doing laundry, drinking fancy bourbon, and gathering firewood.  It wasn’t hard for us to choose to take another day, for exploring and the good measure of nurturing his ankle.  We will still make it to Damascus in time!

This morning I decided I’d had enough of my food allergies (sensitivities) and thoroughly truly enjoyed eating every bite of two fried egg and cheese biscuits Turtle made, and coffee with chocolate honey.  These were my first fried eggs in years…Mind over matter is what I’m working on here, but I won’t know for sure about any reaction for a few more days.  But I didn’t have any immediate digestive reaction or an itchy nose, so I’m very hopeful. I missed eggs. So. Damn. Much.

The day was so gorgeous I had to take a sun bath and do some stretching, and we took turns reading aloud from Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia, before setting out on an urban hike to find the Pearis Cemetery.  The place was cool and I especially liked the Chickweed and Moss and Sorrel growing out of the old stone benches.

Now here I am again sitting by the woodstove, totally relaxed and happy about the trail tomorrow, still trying to savor every moment as I’m in it.  Today I heard a great saying from a hiker we ran into in town, “Don’t let hiking get in the way of your trail experience.”

I’ll write about hitch-hiking tomorrow.  It’s one of my favorite trail experiences.

Much Love,


Day 41-1

Day 41-2


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