Day 26: Birthday Reverie

We picked up a copy of Wilderness Reader at a shelter yesterday and it was definitely worth the weight investment.  It’s good to have something different to chill-out in the evening.  Last night it was pouring, East Coast Hurricane style, so there was no fire – but Turtle read a Thoreau story called Ktadn, named for the highest peak in Maine.  It is symbolic to us as it is the most northern climb on the AT. The story was funny, half because of the author’s exageratingly floral language and terminology we no longer use, and half because of the reader-host’s theatrical presentation.

Today I woke up (it’s an AM writing sesh again; Turtle sleeps) to a beautifully sunny, windy, chilly Autumn day. And! It’s my birthday.  The first I will have ever spent without talking to family and doing something wild to celebrate.  But this is what I wanted for my birthday.  To be out in nature, in my church, to move my body along my path, to attune to myself.  The limited interactions with other humans, with only one other actually, is sure to provide some new light or perspective to my general understanding.

I am excited for each moment of the day, because it is so different but still such a familiar part of my life now. I am immersed int he woods, I live in the mountains, I drink from springs, and dig roots to heal.  I am slowly losing, shedding the urge to rush but maintaining my vigor and enthusiasm for life.  Yesterday as we climbed some tricky terrain in the wind and rain, I couldn’t resist exclaiming at the awesomeness I felt. Like raw animal energy pursuing nothing but living life fully.

I am full. I am satisfied beyond belief. My spirit is renewed and there are no more voids to fill with food or tv or nightclubs. The roots I was looking for, they’ve been here, but now they reach further into the Earth and I can FEEL IT.  This peaceful me…this is teh best way I could ever imagine feeling on the anniversary one’s birth. I am grateful.



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