Day 25: Hiking with Turtle

I can’t remember what I covered in my last entries as it’s been about a week since I wrote. Well I wrote a few nights ago but I was a combination of exhausted and full from pizza and beer in a trail town, so I decided not to send that incoherent and sloppy mess!

It’s morning, and unusual time for me to write, but I’m not feeling super awesome and even though I’m certain this is a very late start for a 15 mile day, I’m not eager to get out of the tent.

This is the beginning of day 6 with my hiking partner who has been named Turtle. We’ve had an interesting go at the trail and a few times have struggled…practiced real survival. On our second day together we tackled 16 miles, the last 5 of which were all FN UPHILL.  Several times we each thought we were going to throw up.Electrolytes and energy gels weren’t cutting it. Somehow, somehow…we did survive and make it to the shelter.

Last night we were exhausted by the time we made camp but having a campfire really soothes the soul.  Then there was crazy wind and rain all night, giving us a slight scare.  Earlier in the day we’d seen a strange sign warning hikers of the dangers of falling trees, complete with a picture of a chopped Christmas tree, top half falling on a stick figure. Talk about being haunted by information!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that at our last stop for water before making camp, all the Northbound (NOBO) hikers we met warned us of the perilous unavailability of water for the next 12 miles. So we filled up our hydration packs AND carried an extra 3 liters in the filter bag.  We took turns but I’ll be honest, Turtle carried it most of the way.

During the course of yesterday Turtle injured his IT band and it seems pretty similar to what I did during my first week out.  Then I rolled my ankle. We stopped to dig some Solomon’s Seal and are going to make a poultice. We were walking through the woods with water bags and roots. It was crazy.

Before beginning this section I drew a card to meditate on for the next 4 weeks…it was Go with the Flow. I must have needed it because I’d grown rather set in my hiking ways, waking up and going down with the sun and dust doing everything that needed to be done. Hiking with Turtle, whose card was Slow Down, is forcing me to go with the flow of life and not be anxious about miles or time or daylight. I’m learning…



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