Day 30: Troutville City Park

Day 30
Wow, I can’t believe so much time has passed as to put me at this marker.  I’m kinda sad at the prospect (reality) of my Appalachian adventure being more than half over, but I still have plenty of time to learn new lessons and see new things.

This part of the trip is different, in no small part because I am hiking with someone else.  We’ve been 11 days I think, and that’s more time than most people spend together ever. (Think about it). So far so good, however this proximity to another human being presents its own unique challenges.

I’ve slacked on writing because the trail has become a bit more…social…with more hikers at shelters, and I ran into K-Dogg again!

When thinking about what to write today, I thought I’d write about how I feel like I’m beginning to soften, and so are my insights and the things I think about.  My epiphanies aren’t as stark and personal, but have more to do with relating to others.  I think about how a lifetime of conditioning by society has us all so insecure that we’re nearly dysfunctional interpersonally, or afraid to just be real and allow ourselves to FEEL something real.

I know this is kinda out there, maybe gloomy, but when you’re out here, it gets easier to go face to face with your own shit.  I wonder, what of my own shit makes me wander away from kindness sometimes.  Why can’t I (or everyone) always understand where someone else is coming from, or try to walk in their shoes for a while? What can I address in my own life that will push me to be a better person?

One thing I’m working on, that I’ve learned and read and been told, has to do with expectations. Need to let them go.  With adventures, with goals, with people. Setting an expectation for an outcome can be (is) very limiting, as it prevents an organic flow of events and situations, interactions. Whatever, now I’m just rambling.

I’m behind my hiking schedule but it’s pretty ok…


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