Writing 201: Fog, Elegy, Metaphor

In a sleepless sleep that drained my soul

Straight shot arrows split my dreams

With a fierce precision I’ve never seen, and I (deep inhale)

Wonder why I ever try to dream at all

Can you see how this poem has anything at all to do with the nomadic life? Don’t worry I’m not feeling super down or anything. I just woke up from a restless nap and that always has me a bit…melancholic.  I’m having fun figuring out how to get these WordPress writing assignments done. It’s a challenge for sure, even though it probably seems rather simple. I like that there are three separate criteria to meet. A word prompt, a poetic style, and a literary device.  Anyway, this is a good creative outlet for me so I hope you have fun seeing what I come up with, too!

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