Working Adventures

Yesterday I got to go to Roanoke, VA for work. I love that town. Really and truly love it. I think the people there are the nicest people in Virginia! It’s about 3 hours from Richmond, situated very close to the Appalachian trail, and as I drove the freeways to get there it was quite a nostalgic trip seeing signs for the trail towns I stopped in. Glasgow, Troutville, Daleville…I let my mind go back to those places and the very specific memories I have of each one. Scotto’s Pizza in Glasgow, taking a shower at the fire station in Troutville, buying new insoles and getting free coffee in Daleville. Just thinking about those days I can smell the smells, see the faces, retrace my steps. What an incredible journey I had. What an incredibly lucky human I am to have had that journey. I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully express the gratitude I have to everyone and everything that made it possible for me.

Back to Roanoke. I love that a big part of my job involves travel. It’s traveling by car usually, but even getting to visit another town for a day or two gives me that deep emotional response I described when I was on the bus to Eugene. Even yesterday as I drove on asphalt I had epiphanies, one of which I think will make the hiker community very excited when I release it…Woohoo! I had hoped to hiked Dragon’s Tooth and stay at Four Pines Hostel but it the temps ranged from -9 to 0 degrees and…it didn’t really feel like the wisest idea.

Some cool things to see in Roanoke, in the Market District…Walkabout Outfitters, Roanoke Natural Foods Coop, Serenity Treasures, Chocolate Paper. On the return drive I stopped at the Shenandoah Valley overlook. We’ve had a lot of snow so the view was both gorgeous and rare. I jumped out of my car and through the snow with the playful spirit of a woodland elf. Sometimes I think that might be my true nature…

This was hanging in the food co-op. Thank you for speaking the truth.


I apologize for my lack of video capturing skill. But in this video the first mountain you’ll see is Afton, and it’s where my mom (Woodstock) and I began hiking together. This area is known as Rockfish Gap to many a hiker, and it corresponds to where Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park becomes the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then as the camera moves across the valley, you’ll see some of the mountains we climbed! I just love being able to see them. (Trying to figure out how to upload video to WP. Thanx for your patience!)



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