Happiness is Happening

What I mean by Happiness is Happening is this, and it’s pretty simple. When we find ourselves in a downright dirty, stagnant, stinky, funk that feels like bars pressed against our hearts and dark clouds swirling through our minds, we gotta jump out of the self imposed cage and make something happen.

I didn’t say it was easy, just that it’s simple. And it is.

Sometimes I get so depressed and anxious and nuts that I have no choice but to observe the thoughts I’m telling to myself on repeat. And they’re bad. Dark. I daresay evil. You know, you are your own worst enemy is pretty cliche but it’s so true. Next time you’re feeling especially down in the dumps and you can’t figure out why or how to get out of  it, pay a few minutes of attention to what you’re saying to yourself. Insert the right word for yourself when you see an ellipses. “I’ll never be good at …” “This always happens when I…” “I can’t get…right” “What’s wrong with me?” “Why am I like this?” “What is … going to think?” “No one will ever…me the way I am.” “What’s the point of…?”

You get what I’m saying here? These are things I’ve caught myself saying. Yea it’s true. I’m getting real honest with you guys now because I’ve been guided to really use my voice and not hold back the things that I think are going to make others uncomfortable. I’ve got issues, like we all do. But when you learn to pay attention, and you see that you’re being so mean to yourself that your mama would have grounded you for treating someone else that way as a kid, you absolutely need to stop and say, “I am not going to let this happen. I gotta find something to do!”

Happiness is happening yall. What gets your creative juices going? For me it’s writing, making medicine, getting rigorous exercise, or working on things I’ve been avoiding out of fear. Usually though exercise is the first step…once I stop thinking so much and force myself out the door for a hike or run or yoga, the rest seems to fall in to place. Just a little more evidence of the mind-body connection.

Right now I’m on a mean creative streak, so happiness is happening for me. I’m super excited. But the day it started snowing I was feeling pretty ridiculous in a pity party for one about having to miss all my weekend plans and being forced to sit with myself. But I sat with myself, evaluated my misery and the need for social validation, and thank the gods and angels that watch over me, I jumped out of the self imposed mind prison and got to work.

Check out what I’ve done.

My new brand, Rebel Herbal, has a new website! Still under construction, but take a look: rebelherbal.com

I got a Facebook page for Rebel Herbal.

I created a niche blog all about Tree Medicine on Tumblr.

I did a bunch of other stuff that isn’t on the internet but I won’t bore you with those details. I had to make stuff happen or I was going to rot away all weekend. And I recently had the realization that I don’t have enough time left on Earth to spend another moment depriving myself of goodness just because my mind is a mess. And neither do you!

With that, I’m off to yoga!


2 thoughts on “Happiness is Happening”

  1. Dear orange,

    I met you once long ago at a vegan Chanukah party. You invited me to join a new social media thing that I promptly abandoned. However! I still read your blog posts and find them inspiring! So happy to have met you. Wanted to say hello again.


    1. Hi Stacey – It is so great to hear from you! I totally remember meeting you and talking about that social media thing, Ello, which I too abandoned. Thank you so much for following the blog. Let’s cross paths again, shall we? ❤


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