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This Hiker’s Journey – On Sacrifice, Wellness, and Genuine-ness

Right now I’m reading about the effects of nightshades on individuals with autoimmune disease or otherwise compromised immune systems. For several months a little voice has been telling me to consider the nightshade family as a culprit, but my love for all things tomato and pepper related has not allowed me to seriously allow the prospect to become even a mental possibility. Just can’t wrap my head around no more stewed tomatoes. Salsa. Stuffed peppers. Babagannoush. Did I say stewed tomatoes already? Holy hell what would I do without them?!! Continue reading This Hiker’s Journey – On Sacrifice, Wellness, and Genuine-ness

Dealing with the Post-Adventure Blues

I’ve still got plenty of entries to post from the past 6 weeks. Lots of pictures to upload and share. Stories to regale you (and myself) with about my adventures. But I haven’t done it. For the past 3 weeks I haven’t done much of anything. When I left Northern California for the city, I came down hard with a lung affliction and a wretched cough only suppressed by my friend Jack Daniels, who in turn suppressed my immune system further. That illness combined with the stresses of being in a city, many pounds of emotional grief over the loss of the most important relationship in my life, a deep need for wilderness going unsatisfied, the exhaustion of travel (despite my love for it), and getting stuck in a financial rut – all led to a flare up of Epstein Barr Virus that has literally knocked me on my ass.  All the exuberance of the trail and the endless energy have left me and for the time being, I am forced to slow down and get better. I am in my hometown and have no energy to see my family or friends or even call them, and my days are spent sleeping, eating soup, watching reruns of 90210 or whatever is on the Science channel, and crying. This is the first creative thing I have attempted and am slightly embarrassed to be putting it out there. Continue reading Dealing with the Post-Adventure Blues

Post Hike Reintegration

As I write this, I’m on a plane Portland bound, and listening to Fleetwood Mac. It’s been my plan all along to go West for a month after  my hike, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard to leave.  I feel like a bag of trail mix.  Salty sweet crunchy soft.  I’ve got a thousand feelings but I’m just observing them and paying attention to where they come from and what they have to teach me, rather than getting hooked into any one of them and spiraling out – which is kinda what happened yesterday. Continue reading Post Hike Reintegration