Proof of a Life Well Lived

Over the weekend I got this really deep feeling of accomplishment while looking at some old photos. Not like I’d achieved a huge goal or finally made a million bucks as an herbalist…it was a feeling in my soul, of my soul being fulfilled and alive and on the right course.

As I was browsing, I started putting some of my favorite moments into a new album and titled it Proof of a Life Well Lived. Most of the pictures were of me doing outdoorsy things, laughing or contemplating or acting a damn fool. I imagined that these would be the pictures shown at my funeral (which I hope will be a bad-ass party outside somewhere!). That is said with a feeling of peace and gratitude for the live I’ve lived – not in morosity or melancholy.

Sunday provided some really interesting moments of weird synchronicity, confirmation for me that I do have a life well lived, and it continues to be lived well as I evolve. I just started working at REI part time (I’m thrilled!), which means I get paid to help people by talking about hiking and camping and my passion for the outdoors. Yesterday was our group training, and I’m not even kidding but one of the first slides that came up said, “A Life Outdoors is a Life Well Lived.”

Well dang!

So I’ve decided to share the album piecemeal as a project of celebration and inspiration to all of you to keep living the life YOU love. Some are going to be pretty wacky so consider yourself warned!

Ciao for now.



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