When I Grow Up

If I could be anything when I grow up, I would be a village healer.  I’d grow plants and make medicine and learn the ways of the seers…because I love it and I know that’s why I exist.  I’d write books to teach others these ways. I wouldn’t worry about appropriate fees and rates, or advertising, or competition with other herbalists, or whether I’ll stand out amongst my colleagues for some amazing difference between my gifts and theirs.  I would mostly work at home, setting up a little workshop where anyone could come to get well.  And because I help people heal their bodies, overcome obstacles of the spirit, and reacquaint with God – in themselves and as part of the eternal whole – my village would make sure my needs were met. They would donate or share or gift freely because money would not be an issue.

Every now and then I’d set off for an adventure- on foot, in a canoe, or on a horse, and I’d go to explore the world.  Learning new ways to heal, or expand the mind, to visit faraway friends or speak another language, or simply for the sake of finding the unknown.  I’d help those in need along the way, and I would never starve.  I’d bring back the knowledge and share it, use it, keep it alive.

The people who would come to my home for healing would follow my direction, because they would know the importance of caring for the temple above all other concerns in material life.  Every person would recognize the power of the natural world to heal all ills, and I would only serve as a conduit for it.  If I told someone to lay off the tv for a while, they would be able to do so, because they would know I’d never suggest something non-essential.

I would teach people how to grow things for themselves, so that every single person would be capable of treating their minor afflictions.  Job security would be a foreign concept.  As the village healer, I would be free to trust and utilize my inspirations as they came.  There would be no need for forced creativity or hip uniqueness, because everything would flow freely.  No one would need marketing or PR help.

All people in the village would be healed in such a way, harmonically with each other, with themselves as individuals, and with their Earth, that they COULD work interdependently, or alone, or however suited each person and the group best.  All would be free to explore their birthrights – talents, gifts, passions – without repression, suppression, or oppression, because each gift would be needed to make the village beautiful, free, and aligned.

I would likely have  one child, a daughter, to whom I could teach the ways of being of the Goddesses, and the ways of the healer.  She would learn never to fear her divine femininity, or be ashamed of its cycles, or the power of her sexuality, but to honor, preserve, and utilize them appropriately.   I would teach her to be strong, able to survive any trial, but to honor and hold in the highest regard her sensitivities, and to attend to her intuition.  She would respect and adore masculine energy for what it truly is, and I would teach her to appreciate the flow between men and women.  To help man become its best possible self by nurturing it, but not accepting it in a brutalized form.

She would grow a garden for food, giving thanks to each harvest;  she would catch fish in the cleanest stream, and give gratitude to each one before and after.

I would teach my daughter to pay close attention to the wisdom of elders who have been ignored for too long – because once again they would be essential.  But she would know to always speak the truth in her heart, even if it contradicted the elders, or anyone else.

Her father would be strong, and stand up always for what is right.  He would ensure the safety and warmth of her, and me, and the entire village, but would never long for battle.  He would be secure in his strength and would adore the divine feminine in every woman, respect its life giving power above other powers.  He would have no need for ownership, entitlement, or security.  He would be free to finally just be, as would every person – without formal guidelines, doctrine, legislation, or antiquated morality.

Love would be free and freely shared between those with honor and respect for each other.  There would be no need to restrict love energy, as everyone would have it in abundance.

As the seasons changed and babies were born and elders passed into the next realm, we would all be active participants in healing the Earth, healing her energies and her inhabitants whom we had never met, and our species would evolve in harmony with all others.

Eventually I would grow old alongside my first mate, and we would witness and support our child’s experience of the transformation from maiden to mother, as I aligned more and more with the crone. And my grandchildren and the little ones of the village would listen to our stories and the new generation of leaders would seek our wisdom and cherish it…

And like the leaves of the Sassafras in Autumn my colors would change, and some would gather to behold the display. And then, my most sacred vessel would return to the Earth, to nourish new life, whilst my spirit journeyed off in a little red canoe, on and in a mountain stream to the next world.

*I just found this in a stash of things I’ve written over the years…time to start digging that stuff out and sharing it.


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