Once Upon an Amtrak

On the Train to DC

You know by now how I love trains and planes and buses.  With a similar intensity but parallel fashion to how I love moving between spaces on my own two feet. I’m stoked right now to be on board the Amtrak, departing Richmond and destined to arrive in DC in 2 hrs 21 minutes. I’m ok if it takes longer.

The automobile in my possession for the past few months has given me a lot of grief. And I say that with a shit-ton of gratitude leveling out the frustration. Because the car came to me without my financial input, it has enabled me to do a job on the road, and afforded me a multitude of possibilities that I otherwise may not have had. It’s been a struggle, though. The air conditioner has never worked, and has refused my attempts at repair. It’s permanently misaligned. It rattles. With sincere honesty, I feel a great deal of anxiety and fear when driving it. With no A/C, I have to physically roll my windows down…and those times when it’s raining I have to physically roll them up and suffer the stifling heat of a Mid-Atlantic late summer thunderstorm with no air. I’ve got a perma-burn on my left arm, and I’m pretty sure I’ve neared heat stroke while stuck in traffic on the I-95 corridor between DC and Richmond.  It’s adamant in its rebellion against authority and ownership, and therefore will not submit in any way, shape, or form to my need for it to pass inspection. It would rather I suffer the cross of law enforced ticketing. I think it’s ready to be put to pasture…

Maybe, like me, it’s just ready for a rural life. It’s tired of going between cities, dealing with crowds, hearing sirens and honking and being used for cargo more than fun (no, I am not being used for cargo haha). It always seems happiest when parked at a trailhead or on the street where we live. Maybe this car is just like me – behaving how I would (how I have, definitely), when not allowed to pursue my own endeavors.

[OMG Right now we’re passing through Ashland. Never having taken this train before I had to ask the attendant where we are. It’s so adorable!!! I absolutely must come back for a visit. Cute town, victorian houses, and the train goes right through the middle of the street.]

I’m on the train cuz I’ve got work to do that requires a car in DC and Richmond. My boss-friend (that’s how I choose to refer to him, he probably has no clue) is out on the West Coast impressing important people, so he’s letting me use his car until his return.

You know what else is super freaking fantastic about being on the train right now? It’s cloudy and cool. My favorite weather for any time, but since it’s occurring at the same instance as my train ride, my heart is alight with simplicity, joyous and adventurous but easy. Just what I need at this moment. Now I will begin transcribing some of my recent adventure logs…

Much love to you all!


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