My Lover the Tulip Poplar – Rock Creek Park, DC

The Tulip Poplar’s trunk holds me from behind, like a strong man with his arms around me, giving me a safe place to relax into my connection – right here, where the trunk meets the Earth, at that place where it goes deeper; where foundation transitions to roots. I can lean all the way into him, and the embrace is so perfect that I can freely use my arms and hands to write;  I could rest my head against the bark and fall asleep; I could eat, or pray, or swat mosquitoes.  This man has no reason to restrict my movement, to make me stay or force me to leave…my body sits on the Earth and rests on her masculine, upward manifestation, this here Tulip Poplar.

I never knew this tree before last weekend.  It is a favorite of the bees and my favorite storyteller, Doug Eliott.  It provides in numerous ways, not limited to this divine union with me.  I must have been drawn to it without knowing, some time ago, because I have dried remnants of its flowers in a tiny vase. It enhances the sacred spaces of my home.  I collected them near the Wolfe Shelter on the AT when I hike there on New Year’s Day.

This is my first hike since moving to my new home.  Rock Creek Park is right in Washington DC, and it is huge and diverse.  I am happy.

I have seen today many medicinal plants, and would like to put together a guide to them.  I saw also flirtatious chipmunks, squealing ecstatically in their lovers’ games just a few feet from me. And! Black squirrels!

My entire being comes to life, to light, when I hike.

There is a big part of me who wants to settle down, put my own little roots down into the ground – because I know that is when and where some of my life goals will come to fruition.  I no longer have any fears of being stuck or trapped in a place that doesn’t feel good.  Probably everything that has happened since the separation from the person I chose as a marital partner has gotten me to this place of comfort with my own needs and ability to meet them.  I just know it’s not time yet, and one thing I am undoubtedly certain of – TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

Some movement is yet ahead…preparing for the quiet times. Now, though, I keep butter-flying about, feeling everything.

Gods how I LOVE feelings! Everywhere I go, all the things I see and the people I meet – all and each evokes a totally unique feeling within me, and it’s the most gorgeous part of living.  I’m hooked on the beauty of feeling. I know I am intense.  As much as it sounds deranged, I can even feel a certain kind of high from the deep sadnesses and anger and the whole range of moods I frequent.  So long as I remember to stay unattached, practicing observation and awareness of it, I appreciate that I can feel anything at all (sometimes I battle a demon named Numbness, and that is the ultimate state of depression for me).

In this moment, in the loving arms of Tulip Poplar, I am inspired. By the magick of Nature, by just being where I am geographically and on my journey.  I am incredibly grateful.

*I am so sorry for the lack of pictures! I’ll add them as soon as I get my photo library fixed.


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