Backdated Posts are Up!

Hey there lovely friends of mine! I’ve been posting a lot of backdated entries from my adventures. If you don’t receive updates by email, make sure you go back through and take a look at what you may have missed.  I dated the posts according to when they were written and NOT when they were posted. There are lots of pictures now, write-ups about the last days on the trail, and my adventures down the west coast. So take a stroll around RoamandWrite and hopefully you’ll find something new and fun to read!

A little about this photo. This part of the trail, between Catawba and Pearisburg, was one of my favorites. There were rushing creeks and streams everywhere, gorgeous rhododendrons, footbridges, fallen leaves, rocky outcroppings. It was stunningly fresh.  I imagined being a little kid traipsing through those woods and finding nooks and crannies to hide in, and swimming or soaking holes to cool off. I can’t wait to revisit in the spring or summer, when the forest is green and the rhodies are blooming and the water invites me in.

More to Come!



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