I spent a long time last night scanning all of my journal entries from the trail so that I could consolidate them into one accessible document online…the goal being to keep the images available while I begin the work of transcribing all that writing into searchable, web friendly text. Someone very nicely pointed out to me that as long as I just have images of my writing on the blog, people aren’t likely to find it no matter how they search for such things because, well, there aren’t any keywords.

DUH! Gee whiz I don’t know how I missed this concept but it’s ok, because now I have the opportunity to edit and beautify my writing (don’t worry, I won’t change the content), revisiting it and getting re-inspired. It’s gonna take a while but it’ll be worth it in the long run for me personally, for you current readers, and especially for building a bigger audience and potential sponsors/contributors.

The downfall is that I scanned everything as PDF, and now I can’t upload my last handwritten posts from the trail and after as images, because I just don’t know if it’s possible or how. The scanner ate a page of my writing so I’m not thrilled about using it again…but I see no other option.  For now I’ll just type and post my journal from the last few days of hiking and my west coast adventure and figure out how to get high res images up.

In case you can’t tell…writing Dealing with Post Adventure Blues really helped me move forward in my day to day life. I’m hanging out with friends in town, going on some hikes, and next weekend I’m going backpacking with one of my best friends. My job is awesome, learning a lot about sales and people and our awesome product.   One of the BEST things about this job is that I get to travel around meeting new people talking about healthy food and choosing my own adventure as I go. Flexibility, constant change with still some structure, and good people with honest and relatable ethics make me happy to work hard spreading the love.

If you’re interested in trying a totally delish, convenient, nutrient packed hiking snack, check out  We hand roast our American grown, organic chickpeas in Washington DC in small batches, using organic oils, salt, and real spices. No spice extracts, no additives, no ‘flavorings’ or preservatives. Just yumminess I can get behind…and I’m a hard sell.

Anyway, time to start typing!


One thought on “Renovations…”

  1. Candice, thanks for this.  I have tried and tried to copy the roamandwrite transmissions, but to no avail. Can’t understand why.  I look forward to what you are preparing (wish I could help you). The photo I received in the mail yesterday made my heart flutter. I would have had a heart attack if I had been there to see you go out on that ledge!   Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of that photo, as I would really like to have it enlarged and framed?   Sounds as though things are looking up for you and I’m so glad.  Question:  Have you seen the movie The Wild? or if not, are you interested in seeing it?  I think of you when I see the advertisements, and just wondered. If you haven’t, maybe we could see it together.   Keep in touch, babe!  Still love you most.  Aunt Joanie


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