Somewhere Between Yuma and Phoenix…

Music: Sigur ros (  )  Mode of Transport: Greyhound   Mood: ??

This is the first time I’ve picked up a pen in 2 weeks. I’m heading to Phoenix for Thanksgiving week and have left a very cozy, comfortable, relaxed town in Northern California. I can’t quite pinpoint or gauge how I feel in this moment. I’m here now; I’m exhausted from all the journey since September 2nd when I left Austin, and especially right now, as I’ve been transferring between buses for 19 hours.

I’m pretty excited to see my AZ peeps, get some sunshine, and hopefully some desert plant harvesting/hiking.  I’m struggling not with listening to what my body needs, but in tending to it. Sleep. Sleep. Rest. Sun. Water. Nature. More sleep.  Arizona is always like a party for me.  So many people I love and so much quality craft beer and the best bar food in the country! So what first, recovery or my favorite dive bar? I could eat an entire bunch of kale with lemon juice and sesame oil if it presented itself!

Update: I never quite finished that post. I made it to Arizona but the exhaustion from traveling, the sleep deprivation, the sudden acceptance of pent-up grief, had me down and out the entire time. A cold turned into a sinus infection turned into bronchitis turned pneumonia and reactivated the EBV I carry around. Here is my very public apology to all of my Arizona loved ones who didn’t even know I was there because I couldn’t get out of bed. I’m sorry. But I’ll be back soon, and in good health!

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