In the Birth Yurt – Ponderosa, Washington

At this moment one of my closest friends is between rushes (contractions) during the laboring for her first child.  I’m taking this few minutes to write while the midwives set up, just because I have to get out some of the enormity of emotion we are all experiencing. She is a beautiful mama and has taken on some ancient, feminine, divine energy (force) as she works through this.  Something else has come into the yurt, something I can’t explain but can feel, almost touch; it’s telling her how to handle everything.  I’m in awe, I’m honored, I feel helpless, but glory in it all. I would not be anywhere else than right here with her. What a thing to witness and be part of less than a week after finishing the trail…

I have NEVER seen a woman so beautiful as my friend is on this Birth Day.  She is the Goddess manifesting the potential of all that has been, all that is, all that has yet to be.  Despite her obvious pain, she inspires me to some day join the high ranks of womanhood through the sacred acts of creating a physical life and nurturing a separate soul within my own womb, and laboring long and hard to help it come forth into this Earthly realm.

Baby boy, perfect in every way. The miracle of life and consciousness.

Families we choose...I am one proud auntie!
Families we choose…I am one proud auntie!

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