Day 47 (I think): Chilled to the Bone with Four Days to Go

Feeling refreshed after several very difficult days.  The weather has shifted from crisp fall to blustering cold, gray, windy, dark, rain.  Hiking 16-18+ miles a day aint so bad, til it gets dark and starts pouring.  The Appalachian Trail becomes barely discernible from the deer trails and so on.  Luckily I haven’t had to pitch a tent in pouring rain.  But I have been so bone chilled that the thought of continuing on would bring me to a stopping sobbing point of despair, at the bottom of an intense climb with no reward in sight.  Honestly, especially yesterday, I had to “Let go and let God” as they say.  My blood was so thick it barely moved through my veins, my spirit felt truly crushed and my heart broken by the struggle of hiking. Until I halted and said aloud, “God! Get me through this!”

In that moment of releasing it up to the divine I found the resolve to keep going, several more miles to the highway, where a couple of rides were hitched to get us to town.  The post office was closed, closing my world again, but thankfully I was able to find this hostel.

Hot showers and hot radiator heat put both Turtle and I fast to sleep in our plywood bunks in the middle of the day. I guess because of the windburn on our faces and hands and the cold that had seeped into the deepest cells of our bodies, we both slept in our bags with coats, hats, gloves, and thermals, indoors, with the heat on.

We woke up and things were better.  There are just 4 more days of this adventure. Up until the last few I’ve been dreading the end.  Now I might be ready.  It’s cold and windy and really hard to get out of my sleeping back in the morning.  I’m dreaming of a hot tub somewhere, but that is truly the stuff of my dreams because I don’t know anyone with such a luxury.

This is our last town stop til we reach Damascus, Va – THE TRAIL TOWN. I’m not sure how life will be after all this, but I know one thig is for sure. I really want to live in the country and have an outdoor bedroom.


Day 47-1

Day 47-2


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