Appalachian Trail Blaze Guide

Luckily for us hikers the AT is very well marked by white blazes along the entire path.  A blaze is a rectangle (quick brush stroke) painted on a tree trunk, which serves as a beacon of hope for the weary wanderer, confirming that you are indeed still on the right path.  I have found them the most helpful during night hiking, when the trail is less distinguishable from the deer trails, forest roads, and old trails.

I’ve learned during this adventure of some other commonly referenced color blazes…Here’s the list. Most are part of the common language spoken on the trail, and one or two Turtle and I came up with. You’ll have to guess which ones =)

Orange’s Blaze Guide

  • White Blaze – Appalachian Trail Marker
  • Blue Blaze – Side Trail Marker (water, shelter, overlooks, popular hiking loops)
  • Yellow Blaze – Getting a ride and skipping walking miles
  • Aqua Blaze – Travel by canoe, kayak, or boat, and skipping trail miles
  • Pink Blaze – To hike after a woman you’re interested in
  • Bro Blaze – To hike after man you’re interested in
  • Brown Blaze – To hike in search of a place to poop
  • Green Blaze – To hike in search of cannabis
  • Rainbow Blake – To hike in search of psychadelic mushrooms

Funny stuff, eh?

Day 47-ATGuide1


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