Day 36: Sarver Hollow Shelter

Raindrops on the Rainfly

Ahhh…Today is so cold and rainy. We’ve decided to have our last zero day cacooning in our sleeping bags, reading about American Ginseng, mayoral politics in small towns, and book reviews in The Atlantic.  Other hikers are showing up at the shelter as the day goes on, and Lone Stride (stayed last night) also hasn’t left.  We’re all trying to avoid the misery of packing wet gear, along with the all too common hiker issue of hypothermia.  We shared coffee with Puddin’ a SOBO thru hiker who made it in this morning.  I can’t believe she hiked the scary rim rock we scaled yesterday, but she did it in the rain!

Conversations are intellectually stimulating, catalyzing ideas for the time after the trail, as well as spiritually deep and mentally relaxing (all in one, yes).  Turtle and I agree this is exactly what we’d be doing if we were off trail, in a building, today.
When I leave the tent to get something or to pee, I seize the opportunity to continue decorating the rainfly with all the fantastical colors of fallen autumn leaves.  This tent does its job so well, I feel committed to its longevity.

The rain drops are soothing like those that fall on a tin roof, and sleep is easy and comfortable.  I think I’ll drift off for a while, and wake up to read or eat.  There is no rush for miles or destination…just flowing with life and going, or staying, wherever it leads me…


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