Day 13: Back on the Trail

I took a few days off and it was a good choice. I got to see special people, have some fun, get some rest. Now I’m on day 1 with my mom. She’s OCD but the trail is already having a therapeutic effect on her. Another hiker, Smiles, just offered us a finger full of cookie butter and she did it! She stuck her finger in the jar and ate it!

We only hiked 5 miles today but the shelter where we’ve arrived is quite beautiful.  There is a bench by the water, lots of trees, and the shelter itself is really nice.

As far as my pain and physical issues, it’s gotten a lot easier to ignore what bothers me. I don’t really have a lot to report since I’m with my mom and we had a really easy day. I am the trail mom so that’s a new element of interest for my own hiking adventure.



Day 13-1

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